Tuesday, May 17, 2016

BEWARE Disability Applicants! Scammers offering help with Social Security Applications!

Scammers make it hard for Attorney's to gather important information from their clients.

The Federal Trade Commission released a report about the many scammers that are trying to get personal information from people by pretending to help with applications for disability benefits and claims.

A person may call you pretending to be "the Social Security Administration" and want to complete your disability application by asking for personal information, i.e. checking account, social security number, birth date, etc.

"A recent alert from the Social Security Inspector General warns of this phishing scam!. They’re taking a shot in the dark, hoping that you have started an application, and hoping you’ll give them a little more info over the phone. To “complete the process,” they might ask you to give, or confirm, your Social Security number or bank account numbers."

So PROTECT yourself!
  • Never give your Social Security number or account numbers to someone who calls you, this is different from you telephoning an attorney for help. 
  • Don’t wire money or send money using a prepaid debit card. In fact, never pay someone who calls out of the blue, Disability Attorney's get paid a contingency fee and very rarely will ask for money to be wired or to be paid up front, this is only done in over payment type cases.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Worcester Social Security Office of Disability Determination and Review

Located within the United States Federal District Court is the Social Security Office of Disability Determination and Review (ODAR) for Worcester County.  The official name is The Donahue Building, and is located at 595 Main Street, Worcester, MA.

If you have a hearing scheduled before an Administrative Law Judge and do not have an attorney, please do not hesitate to call me for a free evaluation of your claim at 800-977-4194 or 508-393-1967.

If you have a hearing scheduled before an Administrative Law Judge at this location, make sure you arrive early enough to park and get yourself checked in through security and upstairs to Room 304, the hearing office at least 30minutes prior to the start time.

The Notice of Hearing you receive from the Office of Adjudication and Review will list what you will need to bring with you.  Make sure you bring a photo ID.

There is metered parking along Main Street and a parking garage located directly across the street.